Bloggers are key to fashion PR

February 10, 2012

The realm of fashion PR can be both broad and overwhelming; with a variety of mediums and opportunities for branding it can be difficult to determine the best way to promote your client amidst a sea of high end products and designers competing for the same audience. Yet it seems to be the emerging trend in the fashion industry to turn to bloggers as the key carriers of your message and image.

According to Tammy Trujillo of PR Couture, the key is to create intriguing pitches and creative marketing tools to attract the ever growing blogger crowd. Bloggers don’t want an advertisement for their readers, as this will generally draw them away from a post. Instead, they would prefer to integrate your pitches into their existing aesthetic.

One creative blogger, Joanna Goddard has successfully integrated PR pitches into her popular blog, A Cup of Jo, in the form of weekly giveaways. These giveaways generally feature a lesser known company and asks readers to visit the site and leave a comment on their favorite items. Joanna then goes in and chooses a random winner. Not only does the company or designer get traffic to their site, but they are able to look through posts and filter the products that are most liked by the demographic they are trying to reach, allowing them to know what their buyers would like to see more of. This technique seems to work well for grabbing reader attention while still promoting your clients service or product.

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Another unique blog that integrates fashion PR in a unique way is Tomboy Style, a playful blog that takes the tomboy aesthetic and makes it fun and flirty in a nostalgic way. Author Lizzie Garrett puts together “uniform” posts that highlight a modern style reminiscent of a tomboy icon. These “uniform posts” often feature lesser known products and companies, who she links to at the bottom of the post, allowing readers to easily access the products and the company’s website. Often, products are affordable and easily acquired by the audience for the blog.

In using creative pitches and unique PR tactics, PR professionals can work with up and coming bloggers to create a unique PR campaign for the client, while still attracting the blogs intended audience and reaching the client’s intended demographic.


3 Responses to “Bloggers are key to fashion PR”

  1. jaimeethein said

    That is really interesting how the fashion world utilizes blogs. It’s creative and gets people excited about what’s next for the fashion world!

  2. I LOVE fashion blogs and I am a regular reader of them! I found you blog so interesting. Not only did the images and links draw me in, but your use of examples of real blogs and their techniques was really enlightening. I loved how you made the connection between what fashion blogging does for the consumer as well as the fashion brand. This was very interesting and fun to read! Can’t wait to read your next post!

  3. alzpr said

    I totally agree with the pull strategy that many of the blogs you mention employ. It’s a great way to keep content fresh and engage audience. My favorite fashion blog is Cupcakes and Cashmere. Emily, the author, uses minimal copy, lots of pictures, themes, personal anecdotes and feature pieces to keep her audience coming back for more. She has found a secret recipe for a vastly successful fashion blog.

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